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Why the Hummingbird?

We wanted to do something that truly reflects who and what we are - a creative, unique and forward-thinking firm.

And when we surveyed our clients, we found that the abilities and qualities they attributed to Buckley King ...

vision beyond the scope • high performance • protectors and guiders • flexibility • endless energy • cognitive • skillful • agile • fierce defenders • efficient • intelligent • accomplishing that which seems impossible

... are the same as those that describe the hummingbird.

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Throughout the centuries, the hummingbird has been known to symbolize protection and guidance. From our inception, Buckley King has developed a reputation for protecting its clients against loss and guiding them in matters of business and the law.

The hummingbird has an incredible sense of sight. We look beyond the scope of the issue at hand and find solutions that might remain unseen to others.

Of all birds, only the hummingbird has the ability to hover in the air, fly backwards, forward and sideways. We craft a flexible strategy allowing clients to quickly seize an opportunity or resolve a challenge.

No bird elicits more wonder and awe than the hummingbird. We're passionate about giving our clients awe-inspiring results.