Eric T. Shaffer

Cleveland: 216.685.4745


“Any law firm can lay out the options. Clients count on us to explain the implications, conceptualize strategies, and deliver successful solutions.”

Eric is a patent attorney with an extensive background in computer and electrical engineering, wireless telecommunications engineering, chemistry, polymers and pharmacology. He has written over 400 patents for Hewlett Packard, Xerox, GE, IBM, Samsung, Huawei, and Google. His vast knowledge and experience spans software, semiconductor, wireless cellular telephone, artificial intelligence/machine learning, LED, solar, MRI/CT, printers, medical devices, Internet of things, pharmaceuticals, analog and digital circuits.

Eric served as a Patent Examiner with the USPTO where he examined 300 patent applications, went to the Board of Appeals 26 times, and conducted Examiner initiated re-examinations. Eric also served as in-house Chief IP Counsel where he worked with inventors on a daily basis, managed a high volume of domestic and international patent, trademark, and trade secret portfolios, and performed analysis of patent portfolios during mergers and acquisition due diligence.

Prior to law, Eric was a financial software developer in COBOL, Java, C++, Oracle and SAP software at Hewlett Packard. He also worked as an accountant estimating potential litigation damages.

Eric employs his legal and electrical engineering expertise to address numerous legal issues surrounding wind farm technology.  His experience encompasses land wind farms and both stationary off-shore and floating off-shore wind generations ranging in size from small aerogenerators to large industrial concerns.

Eric has also analyzed the environmental impact of the downstream interference and alteration of wind patterns, water flow and scour on birds and marine life.  He has particular knowledge in the impact of electromagnetic frequency interference and harmonic vibrational force distortions on commercial aircraft communications and sea/air navigation.

He has drafted wind energy lease contracts to clearly define the rights and responsibilities of land owner lessors and energy company leases regarding land usage, zoning and tort liabilities.  He has also drafted negative easements for wind usage, sunlight access and avigation.

He has assisted in regulatory compliance litigation and prepared tax credit, abatement and subsidy applications at the state and federal level for alternative energy corporations.  Eric has written dozens of patents in the renewable energy sectors of wind turbine, solar energy cell and hydroelectric dam technology. 


  • Eric provides counsel on preparation and prosecution, licensing, re-examinations, freedom to operate, patentability, opinions, patent pooling, and invalidity.


  • Eric represents musicians, artists, and photographers in clearances, licensing, fair use, infringement, and catalog monetization.

Trade Secret

  • Eric drafts confidentiality/non-disclosure/non-compete agreements, and institutional know-how knowledge preservation strategies.


  • Eric has trial experience in Markman hearings, patent assertions, infringement defense, claim charts, and right to repair.

when skill matters

  • Initiated initial litigation appealed in Lexmark, Int. v. Static Control Components, 572 U.S. 118 (2014).
  • Managed foreign counsel in prosecution and litigation in Europe, China SIPO and in 24 counties.
  • Wrote over 300 patent applications in computer, electric, chemical and hard materials areas.
  • Performed ex-parte re-examination to consider prior art discovered in European patent searches.
  • Drafted joint development, confidentiality licensing, and co-op research agreements.
  • Prepared opinions on patentability, right-to-use, patent landscapes and product clearances.
  • Prepared shrink-wrap agreements and opinions regarding Open Source Software licenses.

Distinctions + Awards

  • Battalion Satellite Communications and Encryption Officer, U.S. Army

Related Practices


University of Dayton School of Law, JD

Cleveland State University, MS (Chemistry)

University of Southern California, MBA

Ohio State University, BS (Computer and Electrical Engineering)

Ohio University, BS/BS (Wireless Telecommunications Engineering)

Lorain County Community College (Welding)



United States Patent and Trademark Office